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Industrialized Building System (IBS)

IBS is a technique of construction where by components are manufactured in a controlled environment, either on site or off site, placed, erected and assembled into construction works with minimal additional site works. IBS is also known as Pre-fabricated/Pre-fab Construction.

The construction industry has started adopting IBS as a method of attaining better construction quality and productivity, increasing the level of occupational safety and health, alleviating issues for skilled workers and dependency on manual foreign labour, speeding up the delivery time and ultimately achieving the goal of reducing the overall cost of construction many years ago following the Government’s plan to industrialize the construction industry. It has now slowly becoming an “in-thing” in the industry.

Advantages of using Steel Framing System by MBS for Residential Projects

MBS has chosen to use the Light Steel framing system which is most suitable for low to medium rise structure in all its residential projects.

  Faster Erection Time

No time is lost on-site on surface preparation, painting and inspection. When assembly of the structure is completed, it is immediately ready for use or for the next construction stage.

  Design Flexibility

There are no nail pops used and can be made to custom lengths, edges and curves. This encourages home designers to think out of the box and make the most of available space.


  Cost Advantage
  • The installation of the framework requires less manual labour as it is easy to assemble.
  • It requires less maintenance due to its ruggedness. It is strong enough to support most major structures and can also withstand pressure and exposure.
  • It has a long-lasting usability because it resists corrosion, damage and is weather resistant. It can withstand earthquakes, winds, termites and etc.

  Ideal Finishing Work

There is no shrinking, warping, twisting or deforming and the framing pieces are uniform, allowing for ideal finishing work.


It is environmentally sound and considered a sustainable resource because it can reuse and recycle.

  Safer features for a safer home

It is termite proof and is non-combustible.

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